Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lynn's Drawing Prize

A few days ago I posted a special drawing to draw traffic to my new blog from a rug hooking board that I am a member of, The Welcome Mat. 
It is a great wealth of knowledge for EVERYTHING rug hooking!  On that particular day, Wanda, the site's owner and host, offered a self-promotion day. 

I participated in the promotion and as a thank you to Wanda and the other Welcome Mat members, I offered a free drawing of one of my rug designs on "red dot tracer" as a pay-back for everything that I have benefited from as being a member of The Mat.

Since I never got to the store to purchase the red dot tracer, the winner of the drawing, Lynn Kinsella instead won an actual rug canvas hand-drawn on primitive linen fabric, which greatly increased the value of the drawing.  Lucky Lynn!!!!  Ü
Furthermore, this is one of my newest designs , "R 202 Garden Visitor", that I haven't even been able to hook yet, so Lynn, it's all on you to hook it up and show us how it's supposed to look finished!!! 
Lynn, I hope you enjoy hooking this piece-- I can't wait to see it all done Ü

My "Temptation" rug is coming along s l o w l y . . .  I do have the tree going though.  I changed the shape of the bottom of it and I'm thinking the serpent needs to be blue.  Your thoughts?

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