Monday, August 15, 2011

Temptation Rug

Well, I'm STILL working on this one!!!  Geez...  I'm stuck on flower colors ;-(  I desperately wanted this done in time to go to Sauder and it's still on my living room floor.
I have laid out some potential flower colors-- what do y'all think?  I am SO ready to have this done!  I think it may be my new favorite Ü

Last Friday, my friend Michele stopped by to show me her just completed "Angel Sampler" rug.  I totally loved her color way and the pastels she bought from from Alice Strebel -- it just looks SO SO sweet Ü 
It's giving me some ideas for the rug I have planned for 3 down the way.  The next two are already sort of planned and the pastels won't work with either of them, so the 3rd one from now will be a really fun one to work on-- woo hoo, I can't wait!! 
Thank you Michele for hooking my pattern-- you did a GREAT job!!!!

And last but not least, guess where I have orders coming in from???!!!

I know other designers do this all the time but for me, being new at this, I wanted to share my excitement in shipping a rug pattern order to Australia!!!  WOO HOO!!!  Thank you Wool Street Journal (Bonnie Smith) for helping to make this happen for me!!!
Of course, P Sherman at 42 Wallaby Way isn't the true destination-- I just had to use this address from one of my favorite movies to give a hint of where my business is headed!!
Some days I totally relate to Dora... Ü
Good thing or bad thing?

Have a beautiful day today!!
Debra <3

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I just got back from such a fun weekend in NYC with my youngest daughter, Jordan, where we attended an intimate gathering of quilters and mixed media fiber artists.  We met some really nice folks-- THANK YOU to Leslie Jenison for the invite Ü, learned a few things, am newly inspired, and truly enjoyed our weekend.
My favorite part was the time we did a little exploring ourselves though... to the NY quilt shops of course and then to SoHo-- what a fun part of town-- could have spent way more time (and $$$) there... 
We both loved Purl SoHo so much...  they had the "perfect" stuff-- exquisite yarn, unique fabric, gorgeous over-dyed wool, and amazing thread...  OH YUM!!!  Can I say that about a fiber shop?  After all, it was my kind of "candy" Ü
It was a fast and furious weekend-- not much sleep but so worth it and looking forward to the next trip.

The main reason Jordan came up from San Antonio was to help me get my studio organized.  She was a huge help and I'm on my way to de-cluttering that space.  Thank you Jordan for taking my "rose colored glasses" off Ü  Now I "see" the space and how I want it look.
I am anxious to get back to quilting after this weekend (I've basically taken the last two years off), but I HAVE to finish two rugs before I go there.

Alice Strebel will be taking some of my rugs to Sauder Village next week.  It's everything "Rug Hooking" on steroids!!  This is the second year she has taken my work for me-- Thank you Alice Ü
I hope to attend the next one-- so far the timing hasn't worked out for me.

My "Temptation" rug is almost finished.  I'm about 1/2 way there with the background and just a few design details left to fill in.  I really love this rug... had hoped to have it finished for Sauder but I don't think I'm going to make it.  There was so much else going on that even though it was my priority, life kept getting in the way... with all good things though, so I'm not complaining Ü

I hope you are well and have all good things going on in your lives...  give extra hugs to those you love.
While I was away, a great loss occurred and now there is sadness.  Being a military wife, any loss of a soldier, sailor, or airman hits close to home, so I ask you to please pray with me for peace and understanding and to never forget that freedom isn't free.