Monday, August 15, 2011

Temptation Rug

Well, I'm STILL working on this one!!!  Geez...  I'm stuck on flower colors ;-(  I desperately wanted this done in time to go to Sauder and it's still on my living room floor.
I have laid out some potential flower colors-- what do y'all think?  I am SO ready to have this done!  I think it may be my new favorite Ü

Last Friday, my friend Michele stopped by to show me her just completed "Angel Sampler" rug.  I totally loved her color way and the pastels she bought from from Alice Strebel -- it just looks SO SO sweet Ü 
It's giving me some ideas for the rug I have planned for 3 down the way.  The next two are already sort of planned and the pastels won't work with either of them, so the 3rd one from now will be a really fun one to work on-- woo hoo, I can't wait!! 
Thank you Michele for hooking my pattern-- you did a GREAT job!!!!

And last but not least, guess where I have orders coming in from???!!!

I know other designers do this all the time but for me, being new at this, I wanted to share my excitement in shipping a rug pattern order to Australia!!!  WOO HOO!!!  Thank you Wool Street Journal (Bonnie Smith) for helping to make this happen for me!!!
Of course, P Sherman at 42 Wallaby Way isn't the true destination-- I just had to use this address from one of my favorite movies to give a hint of where my business is headed!!
Some days I totally relate to Dora... Ü
Good thing or bad thing?

Have a beautiful day today!!
Debra <3


  1. LOVE the Temptation rug! I vote for the red on the right as a potential flower color. Looks like there might be some texture in there, too. Way cool, Debra. Good Job!

  2. So glad I found your new rug hooking blog - I look forward to getting to know you and seeing your projects.....