Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Falloween 1

Good Morning!!

Aren't these BEAUTIFUL flowers and perfect for an October Falloween Post?!  My friend Linnea grows Dahlia's and competes in Dahlia shows with her beautiful flowers.  These particular flowers weren't hers, they were grown by a friend of hers, but she shared the photo on Facebook and I had to borrow it Ü  I LOVE them!!!  I don't have much of a green thumb...  I enjoy everyone else's efforts though and all I can about these is WOW!!!

I love it when my brain engages-- I feel like I'm finally making some progress.
I credit my friends Ü  They inspire me sooooo much!!

Last night we got together to work on our Dear Jane blocks.  I'm up to three-- woo hoo!!
I finished my third in the wee hours, but it's done.  I'm not sure I like my fabric choice for this one though.  I changed the center piece to a dark stripe but I still might have to re-do.  My hand-piecing is coming back though and my new needles were a huge help!! 

I  made some sandpaper boards for last too.  The fabric doesn't shift on the sandpaper and that helps to make your template tracing more accurate.
I bought canvas boards from Jo-Ann's in the art section then I went to Lowe's and got a package of extra-fine sheets of sandpaper and an adhesive spray from 3M. 
I took everything outside and sprayed the back of the sandpaper with the adhesive spray then centered the paper on the front side of the canvas board.  They worked perfectly and are really lightweight, so they won't add much when you take it along to your classes or retreats. One thing I still intend to do with them though is paint the edges with an acrylic paint so if the edges get soiled from handling, they will be easy to wipe off.
I know my table cover is boring, but I learned a lesson on Friday when Wendy came over and we worked on our blocks.  I initially had a cloth down to protect my kitchen table, but it was distracting and it made me crazy to have that backdrop and then try to really see what I was doing.  I felt like my eyes were going buggy!!

So, I decided I needed something neutral and still protective.  While at Jo-Ann's, I picked up a piece of the padded plastic (only white was available), and it worked out perfectly.  Last night I think everyone could see their fabric choices for their blocks so much clearer without all the noise in the background. 
I had so much fun with everyone here!!  (I forgot to take a picture of last night ;-/...)
This week I need to pick out my next three blocks Ü

Sunday was my monthly Rug Hooking Guild meeting--
Stacy got on a "felting" thing over the summer and as you can see, she's still going strong!!  This is a box of Santa's and Gnome's.  She puts so much detail in these adorable little people.  Two months ago she was doing small circus animals.  I LOVE THEM ALL!!!
Here are a few photos from around the room...
I loved the blend of blues and greens on this rug.
Helen's flowers reminded me of "Hullabaloo".  Remember that TV show?  I'm dating myself ;-/  LOL
This was a lightweight frame this girl's husband made for her out of pvc pipe.  Clever Ü
This girl had a "folder" she made out of zip-lock quart size bags and a placemat.  Each bag held a different color of worms and it was a great organizer Ü
She had sewn a wide ribbon on each edge of the placemat so she could pull it up together and tie it in a bow.  I may have to make one of these for me!!
I LOVED the colors in this rug!!!  That starburst pattern was really speaking to me...
This owl was AWESOME!!!  She was doing the edge around the owl's face and the feathers on the body in Proddy syle.  This was the highlight of my afternoon Ü  I NEED to do this!!!!

Be back in a few!!
Stay safe and stay tuned--  I'll be asking a very important question in my next blog...

Debra <3

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  1. I like the third block for your Dear Jane, but I think I see what you mean about fabric choice... then again, it will add some character to a Dear Jane :-)