Monday, October 15, 2012

These last few days...

October is breast cancer awareness month.  This is part of a larger wall-hanging (Q 202 With Faith) I did for breast cancer a few years ago.  Please support and pray for all affected.  One day there WILL be a cure Ü

I joined a year-long swap with my online rug hooking group.  It was a seasonal swap so we didn't need to make 12 mats-- thank goodness.  We only had to make 4  Ü
I decided that all of mine would feature the same tree but with different seasonal birds on them.  I liked having a theme to work with and it made my decision easier when it came time to come up with a new design for the next mat to swap.

This was my winter swap--   R 197 Winter Bird

This was my spring swap-- R  198 Cherry Blossom

This was my summer swap-- R 199 Summer Crow

And this is the Fall mat (8" X8") I just finished and mailed off this last week-- R 200 Night Owl.  I have to say, this one was my favorite of the four I did. 

Ok-- not the SAME exact tree, as the first tree is a Cherry Blossom tree (I live in the DC area), and the last tree is an oak tree, but the trunks are same Ü  I want to do them all over again but together in a long piece. 

I received adorable mats in return--




Fall--  I'm still waiting to receive it but will post it when it 's here!!  Ü

On Friday, I finally started my Dear Jane blocks.  If you are unaware of this exquisite quilt (Dear Jane quilt by Brenda Papadakis), the blocks in the quilt are 4 1/2" finished blocks.  There are 225 blocks to this quilt-- very tedious to do but amazing to see!!!  The outer border 'Pies" are about 6' long maybe-- I haven't measured one of those yet.  For the past two January's, I've said that would be one of my New Year Resolutions-- to start a Dear Jane something.  Another January is almost here and guess what???  I still had not started it ;-/  So, I mentioned it to my Quilt Guild, Hayfield Country Quilters and a few showed interest.  YAY!!!
Wendy came over on Friday morning and we selected three blocks to start-- an easy block, an applique`block, and a challenging block.  
I didn't say "quilt" earlier because, to start, I'm thinking maybe just a table runner (how many bed quilts do I really need?????) LOL!!  Also, neither Wendy or I know how many blocks we want to make, so blocks it is.
Of the three blocks we decided on, I finished one while she was here (the green block) and another (the pink block) that afternoon.

What I learned about myself is that I am SOOOO out of practice for hand piecing ;-(  I haven't hand-pieced a block in years!!  I've been rug hooking and doing punch needle for the last two years almost exclusively and just the small little bit of piecing that I did on Friday sure let me know how rusty I am...

I didn't have the right needles, I put a hole in my finger from where  the eye of the needle rested while I made my stitches, and I couldn't find a thimble to save myself.  I did have good thread though Ü  Woo Hoo!!!
I will probably re-make the green block and pay more attention to my seam allowance or my cutting... 

Another note about Dear Jane-- last year my online rug group did Dear Jane rugs!!!  I didn't get around to doing that one either... (read slug).  I have always loved these blocks though and I hope to make a small showing of my appreciation in one form or another.

Along with my hooking and my piecing, I'm in the middle of punching a new design...  I posted a picture of the back a few days ago with a plea for help Ü.  I had drawn the design off a while back and was just getting to punching it.  I decided I didn't really want an owl on it and threw it out to the world to see what suggestions would come up.
A bird was the overall winner and it's punched in!!  I've got the background to go and then fini Ü

 This summer I joined another needlework group "Nelly's Needlers", which is a service organization that supports Woodlawn Plantation. George Washington gave the property to Nelly Custis Lewis, his step-granddaughter, who was an avid stitcher.  The "Nelly's" as they are called, make and sell needlework and operate a Tea Room, with all profits going to the preservation of the Woodlawn home.

Since I live in the DC area, I wanted to take advantage of the historical handwork societies that surround me.  It's a wonderful group of ladies and I'm excited to be a member of the group Ü

I brought home a cross-stitch ornament to stitch and donate-- it's a beast!!!  It has soooo many color changes after every few stitches...  it's driving me nuts!!!  I think I need to find another way to donate my time to this group-- this ornament has taken me forever to do and I'm only 1/2 way done!!
I think the wreath will only measure not quite 3 inches across-- it's tiny!!  Am I insane??  (yes.)

Back to Dear Jane--

Today I'm on block 3...

Until next time...

HapPy StiTchIng!!!
Debra <3


  1. I love the owl on your Fall rug. It is so cute! Can't wait to see you Dear Jane blocks ;-)

  2. Your rugs given and received are darling! What fun! Guess what!?! I just started my Dear Jane last week as well after wanting to do it for years. I'm so excited! I started with two triangles and will hope to do as many as possible with hand appliqué...we'll see how far it goes! I hope to find someone to stitch on them along with me so I have someone to push me. Should be fun as we work together on line if you keep posting your blocks. Love the little wreath too!