Monday, October 8, 2012

Just a quick one--

I am trying to get a large Punch Needle project finished and I'm at a stall.

I drew this design a while back and at the time I wanted to put an owl on it.  Now I'm thinking I want to have a bird instead.

Owl or Bird?

Please help me out and share your feedback to me either on here (comment box below). 

Or, because I know sometimes it's hard to leave a comment on here for some of you because of the security thing, you can also email me your preference from my website page--  just click on the "contact" link. .

Thank you tons!!!

Debra  <3


  1. I'm not a fan of the owls since I remember when they were 'in' the last time, so I vote for a bird! Cute design!

  2. Bird! I don't think an owl would sit in a basket of flowers...not that it has to be realistic, but I vote birdie! Looks cute!

  3. I vote bird, too! The owl you have drawn is adorable, but, owls go with trees, not flowers :-)

  4. I think a bird too, the piece is more summery if I can tell by what I am seeing, so a pretty little bird would be nice sitting among the flowers.