Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Please Help if You Can...

While checking my business email this morning I came across this email post and felt I needed to share it right away as time is of the essence. 

I know there are lot of you who may have attended the International Quilt Show in Houston last week so I hope my posting this will jar your memories or you will post this on other sites to the word gets out to as many people as possible.

I really get sad when I read things like this because I think theft of personal property, especially handwork, is like stealing someone's soul.
Having been a victim of theft like this, although not on this scale, I know how it feels and while it's not crippling, it is heartbreaking.  I hope and pray their trailer and all contents are found in original condition.  

If any of you hear or see anything regarding the property related to this post please call the authorities at the Houston PD and share any information you know so these items can be returned to their proper owner.

I am re-posting this message so that more people may be able to help a valued
member of our quilting community.

Thank you all for your help and assistance--

Debra <3

Hi All,

I am sad to say, that sometime between 9:40AM and 4:10PM today, November
4th, someone cut the lock on the ball hitch of our trailer and removed
it from the limited access parking compound at the George Brown
Convention Center in Houston Texas.

We have lost all the quilts and quilted items that were not on display,
our tools, storage bins, customized crates, electrical equipment,
lighting, tie downs etc. For us this is a severe setback. We will have
to rent a U-Haul tomorrow to try and get our things home. We have filed
a police report but we need the help of the public too!

The trailer is a white 14' Trans American brand with a double axle (two
wheels each side). IT has a back door that drops down into a ramp and a
small side door on the passenger side near the front. The license plate
is 76Z TCN.

It is being treated as an auto theft by the Houston Police Department.
If you should see this trailer or have any information that might help
us find it, please call them!

We will be busy tonight and tomorrow trying to secure a trailer to rent
to bring our things home. The Convention Center is letting us leave
things here overnight, but we are not sure if it will cost us anything
or not. We have been able to get discarded boxes to pack a lot of our
stuff and one of the longarm companies gave us their sewouts to wrap
some of our fragile items.

Thanks so much. I keep praying that the police will find our stuff and
the trailer in one piece. Happy quilting!

Ellen Munnich
Pattern Designer, Instructor and Consultant - Quilting Robotics Specialist
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