Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hope Valley

After my quilt retreat last week I decided to finally tackle this quilt that has been on my "really big" living room floor since June!!! Where does the time go?  Thankfully, we haven't been home much these past few months and rarely go into that room so it hasn't been an issue.
So, this week I sewed the long strips together, and then last night and this morning, I finally put the borders on.  It now measures 96" X 99" and this quilt top is D-O-N-E   DONE!!!

I actually started the quilt last fall in a Denyse Schmidt workshop that I took in San Antonio with my youngest daughter, Jordan.  I used some of Denyse's fabrics in my blocks and she signed the "Hope Valley" strip.  It looks great here but it's upside down on the quilt.  The block just looked better that way.  You know how that goes ;-)

Now I need to hit up one of my long-armer friends so I can get it pinned on their machine.  I've decided to hand quilt this one with a long stitch.  In my head it looks great!!  We'll have to see how it goes in reality ;-)

This makes two BIG quilts on my plate-- thankfully no deadline on this one ;-)

And now my living room is back to normal...  until Christmas!!!!

I'd better start being "good"...  hehehe

Debra <3


  1. It's always great to get something finished! I just finished whipping a hooked rug today! It felt wonderful! Pretty quilt!

  2. Thank you Courtney! After my weekend "away" and seeing Diane finish her UFO's, it motivated me to start getting some of those off the "pile" ;-)
    Hmmm... I think I might have a few Christmas gifts in those UFO's-- WIN!!!

  3. And this is how we stay motivated - thanks for sharing - I won't even share how many UFO's I'm nearly finished with that will go to my Rachael - thanks for giving me that - "Get them done!" push.

  4. QBMIA-- You're welcome ;-)
    I almost finished binding a rug today-- the assault on my UFO's continues!!!