Monday, November 14, 2011

Checking In--

 Fall is going quickly and soon ALL of the leaves on our little baby tree will be gone.  I love the colors on it ;-)  This is our first full year with our little baby and so I'm going to keep taking pictures as she "grows".
All of those straggly branches are from growth just this spring and summer!!

This week I am catching up on UFO's --  on my plate currently is a punch needle project that is a miniature of my "Bless Our Home" rug.  While I started out doing rugs that were like my Quilt and Punch Needle designs, I decided that I am also going to do Punch Needle patterns from my Hooked Rug designs.  I think some of my Rug patterns would also make nice quilt designs.  I like that "full spectrum" concept ;-)

I just have the edge details to go-- YAY!!  What do you think so far?  I am going to LOVE this one!!!

I have a couple more in the staging area for Punch Needle-- they are going to be fabulous-o!!  In my head they look AWESOME!!!  One of them I'm dying to do in Wool ;-)

Here is the next update on my class rug project from ATHA-- I haven't gotten much done since the last photo ("Found Treasure" blog post), maybe about 8 sq. in., but it is coming along.  I got stalled on a background wool, i.e., I ran out!!
So I've been on a quest for more that is similar and I may have found it so hopefully not too much longer on this one.  I really need to get this one out of my way ;-))

Christmas is coming...
That means I also need to finish framing three cross-stitch panels that I did for each of my daughters a couple of years ago.  They should have had these Christmas before LAST!!!  I am SOOOOOOOOO slow sometimes...  In my defense (do I REALLY have one???!!!), I am easily distracted and sometimes a bit of a perfectionist (there, I said it, but don't tell anybody...)
If I don't feel like a project is as good as it should be, I keep going at it, re-doing it sometimes, until I feel it's just right for me ;-)  I think they are now and can finally give them to the girls this year.

These are very personal cross-stitcheries-- each one has special characters that are unique to each daughter.  I truly enjoyed working on these, fondly remembering times shared, special moments, and so much love as I worked on them.  I hope they "get it"-- that it truly is a piece of my heart for each one of them...


Lauren's--  hers is still on the stretcher bars-- I need to stitch one more motif on hers...  it was something she said and I didn't write it down but it was perfect so my little pea-brain really needs to get to work remembering what the precious morsel was ;-)



Debra <3


  1. All of your projects are beautiful. I love the stitcheries...and how personalized they are. Your rug is the bands of different backgrounds.

  2. Thank you Courtney ;-)
    I worked on my "Temptations" rug today-- binding it and I've got about 15" to go still... It takes forever and my hands are cramped from holding tight for just about all day! Geez!! We had a quick trip to Lancaster, Pa., so while my husband drove, I worked on the binding-- mostly getting my mind off of his driving! hahahaha!!!

    But really, this binding is for the birds!!