Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall is here!!

Well, after spending a few days in Hawaii we are back to N. VA enjoying this really cool weather.  I don't know that I've been without a sweater or sweatshirt since I got back.  Forget the time zone change--  it was way easier to deal with than the climate change!!  hahaha!
We had a very nice and comfortable room on the 7th floor of the Hale Koa facing the beach.  It was PERFECT!!!  This is the view from our room-- the beach is just beyond the courtyard-- our little corner of paradise ;-)

My new tan is fading fast (I'm sorry to say)... and I'm missing everything "beachy".  It truly was a dream vacation which would not be a complete dream without a little needlework to go with ;-)

I kept busy by starting and finishing a couple of punch needle projects.  They are small enough to travel with-- everything fits in a baggie with the exception of the gripper frame.  I'll get those pictures posted on my website as soon as I can as well as the finished "Temptation" picture.  I finished it just before we left and it is definitely my new favorite!!!


Pippa's Pumpkins
This is my newest punch needle pattern just in time for Fall--  I haven't uploaded a photo of the finished pattern but it is done and ready to go!!
I think Pippa needs to be done as a rug too-- what do you think?

This is my soon-to-be newest punch needle  Unnamed, as of yet...  Gina, where are you? ;-)

I have also reworked a previous booklet-- My Little Book of Treasures.
This booklet contains 8 little sketches to be used for punch needle or enlarged for Hooking or for a quilt applique'.   The cover can also be used as a design, actually making the booklet 9 sketches-- a great value ;-)

I also need to start thinking about quilting!!!!  I've not done any in SO long...  I've missed it but really needed to reach my rug goal before I could quilt again.
Spring Market is in Kansas City in May 2012 so I have my work cut out for me for the next few months.  
I have a beautiful palette in my brain that I really want to work with...

Blessings to all till next time ;-)
I need to go and deal with my ceiling leak now...  Superman should be home soon ;-)))

Debra <3

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