Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where did August go???

I can't believe August is over and we are in September and almost mid-way through for that fact!!!  Where did the time go?  I always seem to be running to catch up.  I'm so far behind, I think I'm first!!!  hahahaha!
I hope everyone is well, have been keeping busy, and have been enjoying the last of their summer days. 
Pretty soon the air will turn crisp (my favorite time of year!!), and we'll be back to cooking inside more often instead of everyday on the grill, although we do grill a lot in the snow (yes, we do that!!), watching football, getting all cozy by the fire, and sleeping under lots of quilts Ü  
I'm totally looking forward to ALL of that!

I do have some information for y'all though--  I have an unusually busy week coming up so I need to push the shipping on all orders received this week back until after 23 September.  I hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone. 
I promise to be as quick as I can be getting everything out and I thank you for your patience Ü
You can still contact me by email:

from my website:
Handmaiden Designs

or by leaving me a message here on the blog:

Happy end-of-summer to all!! 
I hope to have some new things to show on my site after the 23rd!!

Blessings to all!!
Debra <3


  1. Debra - I loved what you said about being so far behind you think you're first! Love it! Going to be using it a lot! LOL!. I've been crazy busy here at work. And now my daughter and her family moved back to Ohio (yay!) but they're staying with us until their house is ready to move into which with luck will only be about one more week (there is 7 of them!!! and I have a small house!!!) So I can't even walk in my craft room, let alone thing about doing any crafting! Her 15 month old follows me everywhere and is into everything! I don't know how crafters do it when they have small children!!!

    Have a great day!

  2. welcome back! can't wait to see your new stuff :)