Friday, October 28, 2011

Warm Welcome

A funny thing happened to me yesterday while I was at Sam's getting new tires put on my car.
I was walking around the store looking for what I couldn't live without-- usually books or food.  (Don't judge me.)  ;-) 
So I went directly to the book section first.  I didn't see anything on my "have to read it now" list, turned around and found magazines on a portable shelf, like an end-cap.  
I noticed there were two quilt magazines so I picked one up and it was in plastic.  I liked the cover so I put that one in my basket.  I went for the other one, noticing it was the Better Homes and Garden Quilt Sampler "Shop Hop" Issue.  
I always look at magazines from back to front-- don't ask, I just do ;-)
I was having a hard time finding out the shops featured so then I went to the "Table of Contents" page.  I noticed a shop with a familiar name, Prairie Stitches.
When I went to their page, there "IT"was ;-0!!  My quilt pattern "Warm Welcome" was front and center on the main page!!!  I had no idea this was coming out so maybe you can understand my squealing in the middle of the Sam's book aisle ;-)))))  
Needless to say, that magazine ended up in my basket too and I never even made it to the food section.

If you would like to comment on the pattern or purchase the pattern, please contact Prairie Stitches.  I know I can sell you the pattern from my site but I prefer to support the shop on this one.  

I have had lots of my shops featured in BHG Quilt Sampler previous issues but this is the first time once of my patterns has made the shop photo pages.  I am truly grateful they included my pattern on their main page!!!!  Is that AWESOME or what?????

I'm still on cloud nine!!!  I love everybody!!!
Debra <3


  1. I love that welcome! I will definitely have to check out that store! Thanks for posting the picture and then the info!

  2. Thank you Char-- I will be doing it as a rug wall hanging soon ;-))) Keep checking back with me when you can!