Thursday, October 6, 2011

With Faith-- Imagine, Dream, Believe

Breast Cancer.  Any kind of cancer...  It's a bad, bad thing.

This block is from my "With Faith" quilt that I made for Breast Cancer Awareness.  It still speaks to me everyday about how precious life is and how we need to do all we can to be a positive force in the lives of those who are touched by this robber of life.

I IMAGINE how beautiful life will be when this disease is eradicated from our world.  I DREAM of when that day will come.  I BELIEVE with all my heart that it will happen.

I still have the little green wheel barrow in my back yard.  I always keep flowers in it although, here in VA it's hard through the winter months.  The flowers are a symbol of life and renewal.  I plant them for the friends I have that continue to fight their cancer and also serve as a reminder of those precious friends and extended family members that I have lost.

All the blocks in this quilt are some of my favorite blocks.  Most are "old school", i.e. "traditional" blocks and I especially love the smaller versions of these blocks.  I like to carry little baggies of scraps with me when I travel along with a few templates.  Hand-piecing these little blocks relaxes me and then you never know where they will end up Ü

Those of you who know me well, know my favorite color is red.  This month, my favorite color is pink.  

With faith,
Debra <3

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