Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tis Spring ???

Spring is here!!!!  The grass is greening up, the birds are singing, the trees are blooming!!!  My neighbor across the street has the most beautiful floral action going on Ü  I think it's a Northern Magnolia (?) and so far it's the only tree on my street blooming.  It really is a treat to wake up to this sight!!

Well, January and February came and went...  in fact, they went by so fast they are both a blur... Ü 
I hope that is a good thing and I'm not forgetting anything major milestones except for the one beautiful event---  wait for it....

... Ok, here goes--  my daughter Ashley is now engaged to be married!!!  YAY!!!  We LOVE her fiance` David, and could not be happier that they have (finally) decided to be together forever...  it's soooo romantic Ü  I can't find the picture of her engagement ring...  might be in my phone...  Just between you and me, it's BEAUTIFUL!!!
No word yet on when or where the ceremony will be.  They have major logistics to consider...  Ash lives in Basel, Switzerland, David lives in London, UK, his family lives in Yorkshire, UK, Casey and I live in Washington DC, our middle daughter, Lauren, and her family live at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (ARMY) and then Jordan, our youngest daughter and her family, live in San Antonio,Texas.  Finally, the rest of our extended families live in Austin, Texas and San Diego, CA.  We are spread out EVERYWHERE!!!
I have a kazillion Martha Stewart Wedding magazines from when Lauren and Jordan got married years ago to peruse through for ideas...  YIKES!!!  Does that make me a MSW magazine hoarder since I've never thrown them out? 

What else is new on my end you ask????
In January I decided to learn how to knit.  I thought my class would consist of making a scarf.  No such luck.  We HAD to make a sweater!!!!!  (below)

It took me morning, noon, and night, ALL of 5 weeks and I finished all of my components-- a front with a center cable, a back, and two sleeves.  YAY!!!  I didn't do the ribbing on mine though.  I did a garter stitch in place of the ribbing.  Now I'm waiting to assemble the pieces and then BE DONE WITH IT!!  I am not a knitter.  I just wanted to make a scarf or two Ü  The good thing is, if I ever need to make a sweater, now I can.  hee hee Ü 

The election season is upon us and I am noticing a resurgence on sales of my Crawford Ranch Quilt pattern--must be because quilters are feeling a little more patriotic than usual Ü  You can visit the quilt on my web site on the "Quilts" page.  The funny thing is, as I'm noticing more of those patterns going out my door, in my email today I received a photo from one of the CRQ quiltmakers and she was writing to share with me a photo of one of her blocks.  Bev changed it because her husband couldn't go with the basket and stars representing "...and the Rockets Red Glare" block-- LOL
She gave me permission to post her photo on here-- I LOVE IT!!!  WAY TO GO BEV!!!
I think she did a fantastic job on her block and may have a future in designing quilts Ü  The more, the merrier!!!

On a similar note, one of my customers showed me how she changed my "Bless Our Home" rug.  Instead of my prairie of hearts, she hooked a prairie of sheep!!  Isn't it adorable Ü  I won't make it to my guild meeting this month but hope to see it finished at the next one!!

I have been back on my own hooking journey Ü   I had taken the month of December off from hooking for the most part.  Now I am working on a re-do of my "I Do" rug and then on to a "fresh" design.  Here is my beginning and where I am now...

ok...  I'm Sooooo  S  L  O  W  sometimes Ü  But don't forget my "knitting" time (ALL of January and part of February) is factored in there too so in my defense, I'm not a total slug!!!  Ü

My ATHA rug may never be finished...  I think I'm going to have to do the "10 minute" rule on this rug just to finish it up-- you know, where you hook on a project for "10 minutes a day"-- eventually it's DONE!!  I'll start the 10 minute thingy on that one next week.  I can't let myself have two rugs in progress-- it's too expensive to go that route and plus...  I refuse to have hooking UFO's the way I have quilting UFO's...  just sayin'...
Isn't this the same as the last picture I posted?  OY!!!

And finally, this brings me to my "ugly sky" on a swap mat I did.  I don't have the heart to send it out as it is...  I need to either re-do the sky or re-do the blossoms...  Your thoughts?

Laura, I'm STILL working on it!!!!  Ü  Be patient with me please!!!!

Till next time,
Debra <3


  1. I notice you take advantage of small pieces of linen for your swap mats too. HEY, like our foremothers said, "use up, make do or do without". Of course I'd never sell a pattern with little margin but I will do that for one I work on.

    Loving your ATHA rug and also you did a great job on your sweater. I can remember when I was hooked on knitting that I'd stay up in the wee hours and get around to where the cable twisted... hmmm, well maybe another row. Ya dun good gurl.


  2. Thank you Saundra Ü I have quite an assortment of "too small to sell" linen pieces to hook through LOL
    I keep them for me and believe it not, it's a fun challenge sometimes to come up with a design that will fit.
    BTW, I didn't mean to imply that the sweater picture I posted was my sweater. My sweater still needs to be sewn together but YES, ALL of my pieces are DONE!! WOO HOO!!
    I had to "tink" (un-knit)so much, I think I could actually have made about 5 sweaters!! LOL

    Great to hear from you!!

    Debra <3